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Image of Spotify: Download for Windows (free)

I Spotify: Download for Windows (free)

Join, log in Spotify. When you have created an account, you can download and begin using Spotify. You can download Spotify to as many computers as you like.

Spotify ( is a free Internet music streaming service, with a huge digital music library, which promises a simultaneous combination of music pleasure and social networking pleasure with Facebook.

Spotify is Facebook friendly: Music Vibes on Facebook. Facebook users can share music with their friends directly on the Facebook network by giving them the links of favourite songs or playlists. The import of Facebook friends on Spotify is also supported. The import of Facebook friends on Spotify is simply done by clicking the Social button, in the right corner of Spotify.

Learn more about how to connect with Facebook, visit:

Learn about Spotify mobile music features on your mobile phone visit:

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