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Image of join socl ( and start sharing and connecting

I join socl ( and start sharing and connecting

Start / Sign in Socl is Microsoft’s new experiment of a social networking platform (

Social network "" (pronounced "social") = share, discover, meet and connect with people...

Socl ( is Microsoft’s answer to other social networking services and rivals like Facebook and Google+ accessible at:

Whether Microsoft’s new social media service “” (socl) will be successful in the long run against the world’s leading social network Facebook (FB) and the other upcoming and well-established competitors like Google+ (G+), Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Pinterest remains to be seen.

At this time Microsoft`s social network "" (socl) reveals no clear competitive advantage to us.

To learn more about the features of like "video parties" visit:

Of course you can try MS`s new social networking service yourself by singning in with your Facebook or Windows Live / Hotmail account.


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