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Image of New Google+: Fun with Hangouts - Google -Hangouts Demo Video

I New Google+: Fun with Hangouts - Google -Hangouts Demo Video

View the latest Google+ Hangouts video calling demo and promo video :Fun with Hangouts", showing some funny examples of Google`s Hangout video calling tool (on Google+), like watching YouTube videos together, sharing Hangout video screens and the funny Google Effects tool.

Google+ (short: G+) is Google Inc`s social media network:

Learn more about Google +Hangouts at:

Download Hangouts free video calling tool (Google+ Hangouts):

Hangouts (Google+ Hangouts) for Android mobile devices via Play Store Hangouts (Google+

Hangouts) for iOS mobile devices (iPhone, iPod, iPAd( via iTunes

Hangouts (Google+ Hangouts) for desktop (Google Chrome browser neccessary before installing Hangouts - download link Google Chrome browser). Download link sources from: 19, May 2013

Video source is YouTube: "Google+: Fun with Hangouts" published on 15 May 2013 by Google+

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