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I Meetup - Meet up and join with people you share a common interest is the largest network of local groups in the world. Members organize on Meetup their own local groups or join existing local groups and communities with the aim to meet up personally face to face.

The Meetup Groups and Communities are unified by a shared and common interest, passion or hobby, such as sport activities, gaming, movies, music, books, pets, Meetup members help each other to learn and improve foreign languages or launch a business etc... is an easy way for anyone who likes to organize a local group and likes to meet up in person face to face with people sharing a common interest, hobby or passion.

Meetup members are also able to connect their Facebook account with their Meetup account to invite Facebook friends to join at Meetups.

Meetup claims: Do something - learn something - share something - change something.

So far more than 9 million people have signed up and formed over 90,000 local Meetup Groups. (17.07.2011).

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