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Google Plus (G+) "What´s hot" - Discover the most popular content right now on Google+ (G++)-

Google+ ( is Google`s social media network.

You can see "What´s hot" right now if you visit

See, discover and find hot and trending topics right now on Google Plus (

The new Google+ "What´s Hot" feature allow`s you to discover and find interesting, exciting and trending content, topics and the hottest top stories and posts right now on Google+, Google`s social media network, whether it´s breaking news, videos or photos.

Google+ "What´s hot":

Indruducing "What's Hot" on Google+" (Demo Video):


Source: The Official Google Blog: "Google+: Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and...", 10/27/2011 10:07:00 AM:

A new feature (rolling out on 13.02.2012) allows you to control how many "What's hot" posts in your Google+ main stream appear - most, some, or none at all. Source: Scott Zuccarino on Google+: Adjust the volume of "What's hot" in your main stream:

Want to know what the world and the Google Plus community (Google+ or G+) is excited about -> so check out the new "What´s Hot" feature on Google+.

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