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Image of Google+ Hangouts On Air - Google Plus (G+)

I Google+ Hangouts On Air - Google Plus (G+)

The Google Plus Project introducing "G+ On Air" hangouts.

Google+ "Hangouts On Air" is a new functionality and option of Google+ Hangouts which allows G+Hangout users to broadcast and record their video Hangout meetings and Hangout video sessions.

The setup is easy: just start a normal hangout, and you’ll have the option to broadcast and record your session. Once you’re “On Air,” up to nine other Google+ users can join your hangout (as usual), and any other Google Plus community member can watch your live communication (broadcast).

The Google Plus Project (Google+) "+Hangouts On Air" is starting with a limited number of broadcasters, but any member of the Google+ (Google Plus) community can tune in.

"In fact: we’ll be hosting our very first On Air hangout with on Wednesday night, September 21. For more information visit’s ( or ( on Google+."

YouTube Video: " hanging out on Google+":

Google`s very first On Air +hangout with on Wednesday night, September 21,2011.

Source "Hangouts On Air": The Official Google Blog:

The Google Plus Project: Google+ Explore Hangouts (Video)


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