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Image of "Weiboscope" Search - See what`s trending on Sina Weibo

I "Weiboscope" Search - See what`s trending on Sina Weibo

Discover what`s trending on Sina's microblog service "Sina Weibo".

Sina Weibo (Chinese: 新浪微博; pinyin: Xīnlàng Wēibó; literally "Sina Microblog") is a Chinese social media and twitter like microblogging site (http://www.weibo.com).

"Sina Weibo" was launched by SINA Corporation Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) on 14 August 2009. Today weibo.com is one of China`s most popular websites. The Chinese microblogging service has more than 300 million registered users (as of February 2012), source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sina_Weibo

"Weiboscope Search" provides a user-friendly visualization of trending topics on Sina Weibo - "right now".

The machine generated "Weiboscope" data service enables you to monitor: The most reposted posts on "Weibo" with pictures:

- In the past 24 hours, 48 hours, last week, two weeks: http://research.jmsc.hku.hk/social/obs.py/sinaweibo/

- Analysis of Sina Weibo reposts with pictures / images by gender: http://research.jmsc.hku.hk/social/obs.py/sinaweibo/#page3

- Weiboscope "Geo Tree" for popular posts: geographic origin of the reposters: http://research.jmsc.hku.hk/social/obs.py/sinaweibo/#page4

- Visualization of emoticons found in reposts of popular Weibo posts: http://research.jmsc.hku.hk/social/obs.py/sinaweibo/#page5

- Most popular "daily keywords" on Sina Weibo in English and in Chinese: http://research.jmsc.hku.hk/social/obs.py/sinaweibo/#page6

The WeiboScope service is published by the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong (JMSC at HKU): http://jmsc.hku.hk/


Wikipedia (eng.): Sina Weibo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sina_Weibo

Weiboscope: http://research.jmsc.hku.hk/social/obs.py/sinaweibo/#

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