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Image of Gmail`s (Googlemail`s) new design (video)

I Gmail`s (Googlemail`s) new design (video)

Gmail`s new design (look) and new features (video).

Today Google Inc. officially announced the major redesign of its e-mail service "Gmail" (Googlemail).


According to the Gmail team: "Over the next few days you’ll be able to switch to the new look by clicking on Switch to the new look in the bottom-right of Gmail."

The new Gmail (Googlemail) features include:

- Streamlined conversations
- Profiles pictures for your contacts
- Elastic density (screen sizes automatically change based on the kind of display you’re using)
- New high resolution themes with imagery provided by iStockphoto
- Better navigation
- Better and serach panel

Source: The Official Gmail Blog: "Gmail’s new look", 01.11.2011, http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2011/11/gmails-new-look.html

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